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About Green Group

Green Group Green Group is a company that specializes in the production and sale of renewable energy sources, to include the cultivation of plant oils such as; Castor, Peanuts, Soy and others.

In addition, we are involved in the direct sourcing and distribution of glycerin, with a global scope, working with suppliers from North America, Europe and Asia.

Green Group supplies a multitude of industries with numerous products to include; the pharmaceutical industry with more than 700 uses, ranging from medicines to cosmetics along with substituting petroleum in the manufacturing of Biodiesel, plastics and lubricants.

We are internationally based with offices and production facilities in the USA, Europe and Central and South America.

We combine know-how, experience and technology into one philosophy. In order to sustain our beautiful planet, we need to preserve its natural resources, harness its benefits and nourish its potential, allowing it to continue to thrive and flourish, all while keeping a fine balance between morality and consumption.

Green Group practices sustainable farming methods, believe in community involvement and in gender equality.

Our state-of-the-art production facilities are internationally recognized. We hold the highest standards of compliance in the industry and continue to evolve and grow to meet the world’s demand for renewable energy and consumable goods.

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Our Team

Alis Jose Vilchez Guillen - +505.8134.2490
Adrian Markus Schottka - +505.5859.6559
Allan Alberto Estrada-Paniagua - +505.8762.6565


Boro Vukadinovic – (310) 345-0063
Richard Bass – (305) 303-3753
George Rodriguez – (305) 407-8989

About Verde Bio, LLC
Verde Bio, LLC is involved in the large-scale sourcing and distribution of crude, pharmaceutical/tech grade, Kosher-food and grade glycerin, derived from vegetable, industrial or recovered cooking oil origins and fatty acids. Depending on consumer needs or intended applications, it can be produced from vegetable oil, feedstock, used cooking oil (UCO) or as a byproduct of biodiesel.

Glycerol prices are historically volatile. Prior to the biodiesel boom, when one fourth of the global (and relatively low) demand was met by synthetic glycerol and the rest from soap and oleo chemical manufacturing. The price was dictated primarily by weather and the fluctuating demand of soap and fatty alcohol. This volatility, that once was linked to the shifting demand of a chemical, mainly used by the pharmaceutical and personal care industries, originates today from the changeable nature of the glycerol supply, which is in turn influenced by oil, political factors (i.e. fiscal incentives to biodiesel in the EU and in the US) and subventions to biodiesel and oleo chemicals manufacturing in many countries.